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Jackie Matubia is a prominent Kenyan actress renowned for her roles in popular television series and her vibrant presence in the fashion world. Recently, she has also garnered attention for her YouTube series, “Toxic,” which delves into personal experiences and societal issues, reflecting her commitment to both entertainment and social commentary.

Fashion Style

Jackie Matubia’s fashion sense is a blend of elegance, boldness, and contemporary chic. She consistently makes a statement with her outfits, whether she’s gracing the red carpet or attending high-profile events. Here’s a closer look at her fashion style:

  1. Red Carpet Glamour:
    • Wakanda Forever Premiere: Jackie stunned in a custom-made pink gown, complementing her look with pink shoes and impeccable makeup. Her choice highlighted her love for vibrant colors and sophisticated silhouettes.
  2. Elegant Simplicity:
    • Bridgerton Affair: At the African premiere of Bridgerton in South Africa, Jackie showcased her ability to blend traditional elegance with modern flair, opting for an outfit that combined intricate designs with a regal aesthetic.
  3. Versatile Wardrobe:
    • Jackie’s everyday style is equally captivating. She often opts for comfortable yet stylish pieces that reflect her dynamic lifestyle as an actress and public figure. From casual chic outfits to more structured, professional looks, her wardrobe is versatile and ever-evolving.

Style Inspirations and Collaborations

Jackie frequently collaborates with local designers and stylists, ensuring her outfits not only reflect her personal style but also promote Kenyan fashion talent. Her fashion choices often set trends, making her a style icon in Kenya and beyond.

Impact on Fashion and Media

Beyond her sartorial choices, Jackie uses her platform to influence and inspire. Through her YouTube series and social media presence, she addresses pertinent issues, combining her love for fashion with advocacy and storytelling. This multi-faceted approach helps her connect with a broad audience, cementing her role as both a fashionista and a thought leader.


Jackie Matubia is much more than an actress; she is a fashion icon and a cultural influencer. Her bold fashion choices and commitment to addressing societal issues through her work make her a standout figure in Kenyan entertainment. Whether she’s dazzling on the red carpet or engaging with fans on social media, Jackie’s style and substance continue to captivate and inspire.

For more about Jackie Matubia and her latest projects, you can check her social media profiles and YouTube channel

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